Welcome to BIM Value Benchmarking

What does it do?

It is claimed that BIM will lead to more efficient delivery of constructed assets. BIM Value Benchmarking is an online tool for collecting contract information and calculating the value of benefits delivered by BIM. By comparing your project with data collected from many BIM and non-BIM projects it will be possible to benchmark the benefits delivered by BIM. By using BIM Value Benchmarking you will be able to identify the value delivered by your project in comparison to other BIM and non-BIM projects.

Who is this tool for?

BIM Value Benchmarking is designed to be used with construction projects in Australia and New Zealand. Clients, project managers and contractors are invited to contribute data and to benchmark their project(s) against other BIM and non-BIM projects.
BIM Value Benchmarking focuses on main construction contracts that have achieved Practical Completion as this is when the benefits of using BIM will be most obviously seen and measured. BIM Value Benchmarking can be used with many forms of contract including Construction only, Design and Construct, partnerships and alliances.

How safe is my data?

All information is treated as confidential and is kept secure. KPI and benchmark reports do not identify specific projects (other than those belonging to the user). The SBEnrc may use non-identifiable data for improving the tool and the production of research reports. From time to time SBEnrc or NATSPEC may contact users to clarify data.

How much does it cost?

BIM Value Benchmarking is free to use.
The Demonstration module can be used without creating an account, just click the link below.
To use the full version of BIM Value Benchmarking you must create an account.
You can only produce reports after you have added a project to BIM Value Benchmarking.

Before using BIM Value Benchmarking download the User Guide here: User GuideUser Guide